So what is KlarityRisk Paragon?

In an ever evolving, challenging and highly competitive investment world, it is essential to be proactive and prove to your customers that you can provide truly holistic advice and reports with aggregated view of investments. The more information you obtain, the better-informed decisions you make.

KlarityRisk Paragon  is a solution specifically designed for the buy-side sector, that can help you incorporate Risk Analysis into your Performance Reporting, and be able to provide a comprehensive view of investments.

  • Investment technology for multi-asset class risk management, analytics and risk reporting
  • Advanced Portfolio Risk Assessment: Completely configurable risk evaluation models providing robust portfolio VaR analytics based on the Monte-Carlo Simulation, Historical Simulation and Parametric methodologies
  • Granular Risk Contribution Analysis by Asset Class, Industry Group/Sector, Credit Rating, Issuer, Risk Country, Denomination Currency and any other risk factor that you monitor your portfolio against
  • State of the art Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis capabilities that enable you to either quickly utilize the wide list of predefined Historical Scenarios, or even create custom scenarios precisely tailored to your needs
  • What-If Analytics that enhance the portfolio management process allowing you to assess the portfolio’s reaction to a potential asset allocation restructuring