So what is Geneva for

Private Debt?

Geneva is a proven solution for asset managers, hedge funds, distressed debt managers, and fund administrators. More than 350 firms worldwide, ranging from under $100 million to over $100 billion in assets, trust Geneva for their most complex accounting needs. Geneva enables firms to systematically process bank debt, fixed-income instruments, and swap contracts. Geneva comprehensive loan processing capabilities eliminate the need for multiple systems and processes to manage different types of loans.

Geneva offers full support for:
• All loan types with both scheduled and ad-hoc payment in kind, including term loans, delay draw loans, revolvers and loan total return swaps
• Par and distressed bank debt trades with full delayed compensation and cost of carry accruals
• Flexible payment schedules for underlying loan contracts, with full range of credit activity support and delinquent interest tracking
• Loan defaults, complex multi-security reorganizations, and amortization of loan discounts