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We have partnered with the best software solution providers in the world, leaders in investment management software, each with strong reputation, dependable products and large benchmark clients.

At Finvent, the quality of our people is our competitive advantage. Finvent΄s culture thrives on teamwork while it embraces individuality. As a small-sized company with a global clientele, you can make a tangible impact on our growth. Committed to promoting from within, Finvent invests in our people by offering the best training opportunities in our industry.

With an effective business model and an emphasis on community involvement and environmental respect, our people a sense of common ownership, aiming to create a regional company that grows upon respect, integrity, teamwork, honesty and hard work of its members

Current Openings

Senior Business Consultants

We are seeking for Senior Business Consultants

Senior Market Risk Analyst & Pre-Sales Manager

We are seeking for a Senior Market Risk Analyst & Pre-Sales Manager

Software Developer & Custom Engineering Consultant

We are seeking for Software Developer & Custom Engineering Consultant

IT & Technical Consultant

We are seeking for IT & Technical Consultant


In Finvent, we believe that the most significant deliverable that we can offer to our people is the Best Possible Knowledge of the solutions and the Industry, as in all cases, knowledge is the main deliverable to the clients.  We have weekly schedule internal program of employee cross-training and knowledge transfer. We have an “open policy” regarding internal ad-hoc Q&A sessions and learning from experience.

We are committed to the long-term education of our consulting, custom engineering and training staff and we utilize all partner resources available to us to enhance internal systemic know-how, but also sharpen employee soft skills.  We aim for everyone to participate on all partner services internal training sessions. It should be note that all Finvent staff are Advent and KlarityRisk officially certified, as they have formally attended, tested and successfully passed each company’s certification program.

For example via Advent University, the internal learning organization Advent Software supports, they provide the following development and training courses:

  • Enhancing leadership skills and capabilities
  • Building and maintaining personal and professional growth
  • Improving productivity skills
  • Advent product and industry certification
  • Presentation, meeting & project management soft-skills training
  • Productivity tools training (MS Office, etc.)
  • Technical training


In addition to our progressive corporate culture and the best training opportunities in the industry, one of the most important ways we provide our employees a valuable return on their investment of time, energy, and talent is by offering a comprehensive and flexible benefits package.

Competitive compensation

Bonus plans to all employees

Health & Medical Benefits

Life and Travel Insurance

Service Awards

Expenses and Professional Travel

Mobile phones (when appropriate)

Professional Education / Training

Book Lending Library

Employee Performance Evaluations