About Us

Finvent, since 2001, is the exclusive and sole distributor of leading SS&C Advent Software products & services in over 15 countries in Europe and Africa. Our team of certified and experienced Advent Consultants and Custom Engineers deliver best-of-breed and knowledge-driven services exclusively into the Advent client-space.

Finvent, via its award-winning, KlarityRisk platform delivers fully integrated solutions in Market Risk, Risk Limits, Fixed Income Performance Attribution, Client KYC and Risk Profiling/Strategy Matching and several additional areas, in complete synergy with all Advent solutions.

For APX, Geneva or AXYS clients requiring any of the above functionality, via our award-winning solutions, you can attain significant synergies with the fully integrated Advent solutions.  Obtaining a quick return on your investment (ROI) while also minimizing integration, technical and operational risks by choosing the KlarityRisk platform.

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