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Our clients said about us

We thoroughly examined the market for an enterprise investment management solution, and ultimately chose Finvent because of its flexibility, speed, and efficiency that met our expectations. Our investment in Finvent’s solutions will allow us to focus on clients, spending less time on manual processes yet more time on optimizing our results.
Thomas Konstantinidis, Managing Director
European Reliance Asset Management, Greece
In order to improve and develop our business, it was very important for us to acquire a global, internationally proven, reliable solution. The reason we chose Finvent was that they can perfectly fit our specific needs and provide us with a very innovative product.
Jerome Katz, Manager
Feber Associates Limited, Mauritius
We ultimately chose Advent Office because of its scalability, stability, flexibility, industry best practices, global client-base and user-friendliness.
Marinos Yannopoulos, General Manager and Chief Financial Officer
Alpha Bank, Greece
Our investment in Advent’s solution will allow us to expand our business quickly. Spending less time on manual processes allows us to spend more time on understanding our client needs.
Angelos Politis, Managing Director
Allianz Dresdner Asset Management, Greece
We feel safer with the solution that Advent provides. This leading software has excellent reporting capabilities, which will benefit both our clients and our organization
William Van Burren, Chief Executive Officer
Globe Fund Advisors Ltd, Malta
The solution that Finvent offers us meets all our operational and management requirements, creates numerous efficiencies on the front end and enables seamless information synchronicity between the various departments, allowing our managers to work more on the market than on the processes.
Dominic Kiarie, Managing Director
British American Asset Managers Ltd., Kenya
We chose Finvent for their reputable global track record of delivery and broad client base. With the solution that Finvent offers us, we have managed to automate our front, middle and back office covering all areas of portfolio management and customer service.

The reality is that the Fund Management solutions APX, GLX and Moxy HAVE especially the ability to scripts and macros that have enabled us to automate; reducing our turnaround in customer service while lowering the «perceived» workload on the BAAM staff despite increasing business. In short, everyone has been a winner. Every step of the way we have been comforted by the fact that the Finvent team has been there for us 100%, with very positive attitudes.

Duncan Wanjohi, Manager, Business Systems
British American Asset Managers Ltd., Kenya
It was very important for us to acquire a system that would meet our trade and order management needs. Finvent provides us with a reliable, trusted, global solution that enables us to manage a large number of accounts and numerous investment instruments. With Moxy we have reduced manual work and now have great order management capabilities
Miguel Colombas, Deputy Managing Director
Popular Gestion S.G.I.I.C. S.A., Spain
Finvent has offered us a global, reliable solution that has helped us automate our portfolio management workflow and increase productivity while reducing costs. The extended knowledge and experience of Finvent’s consultants, as well as their commitment to our needs assisted in securing our investment and client policies.
Gonzalo Alias Delgado, Control and Organization Department
Popular Gestion S.G.I.I.C. S.A., Spain
We have chosen a global, leading solution to help us streamline our workflow and create high value to our clients. TBI is a leading player in the Bulgarian market and this cooperation fits our growing business model. Finvent is a long term partner for us
Stoyan Toshev, Chief Executive Officer
TBI Asset Management, Bulgaria
Finvent has offered us what we were seeking; an internationally proven system that covers our trading and order management needs, along with certified consultants who have assisted us in optimizing our business flow.
Svetoslav Velinov, Head of Portfolio Management
TBI Asset Management, Bulgaria
We have chosen Finvent for their leading global presence as a provider of asset management software solutions. The software has helped us optimise our workflow and spend less time on manual processes. We believe that our investment in Finvent’s solution will allow us to expand our business quickly and create value for our clients
Jaya Allock, President and CEO
BRAMER Asset Management Ltd., Mauritius
The most important benefit so far is that we can update the risk status daily. Going forward, we aim to use the system as the basis for reporting to the board. We also plan to leverage its stress testing functionality to determine our regulatory capital requirement. So using Paragon for risk management brings us much closer to attaining the best practices we want to achieve.
Liv Jorid Ødegård, Head of Middle Office
Statens Pensjonskasse, Norway
Paragon provides the key tools we need to handle our increasingly complex risk requirements with confidence and control. The system is based upon standard technologies and methodologies, and renders our approach fully transparent. With Paragon we can schedule all the necessary executions both for our funds and client portfolios, and worry only about those metrics that exceed the risk limits we set.
Thomas Konstantinidis, Managing Director
European Reliance Asset Management, Greece
We have tested the stability and calculations of Paragon RM and we are satisfied with both. A review of Paragon’s market risk functionality leads us to believe that it is very similar to the market risk functionality offered by other leading providers of risk systems. The validated two-way, APX integration with Paragon, is a significant operational advantage, and we have been very happy working with the KlarityRisk professional team
Rob van Wechem, Head of Investment Management
Oyens & Van Eeghen, Netherlands