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Cash Management Services for APX
Cash Management Services (CMS) Product is a web-based solution, designed exclusively for SS&C Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX®) customers.

Cash Management Services can now be executed directly within APX or over the Intranet, making the creation and handling of the cash-related products a fast and reliable process. All in one, within your trusted APX platform!

Cash Management Services® is a complete solution for handling your liquid products, helping you save time and effort, by automating the whole process. It supports a plethora of securities, such as Time Deposits, Repurchase Agreements, Treasury Bills, Fiduciaries, Commercial Papers and Money Market Funds.

With Cash Management Services®, you get a highly intuitive web platform which will help you handle your clients’ needs, including partial or full redemptions, as well as roll-overs. It gives you full control on the penalties which may occur, allowing you to use custom formulas or ad-hoc calculations.

Cash Management Services® gives you the full oversight of your liabilities, by allowing you to easily watch over future obligations and helping you cover them in a range of possible actions. With Cash Management Services® comes a bouquet of reports to enhance the monitoring of the liquid products held in your portfolios.

Key Benefits
  • Fast and reliable way to handle multiple money market instruments
  • Automation of import and pricing of new securities
  • Automation of transaction posting to the relevant portfolios
  • Minimization of human intervention and error
  • Detailed internal reporting and calculation of future liabilities and profits
  • Calculation of penalties using custom formulas, given the ad-hoc ability for change
  • Tax charges calculation over transactions
  • Roll-over functionality

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