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Key Features

  • Comprehensive instrument coverage for trading all security types
  • Portfolio modeling, rebalancing and “what-if” scenarios
  • Pre and post-trade compliance checking
  • Electronic order routing and trade execution
  • Flexible allocation methodologies
  • Real-time profit and loss monitoring and trading views
  • Real-time messaging engine for seamless third party integration
  • Rules based smart order routing

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The Most Widely Used Trade Order Management System

In today’s warp-speed world of electronic trading, Advent’s Moxy® trade order management system is your firm’s command and control center – a centralized platform for making and executing trading decisions quickly and confidently. With tools for portfolio modeling, rebalancing and drift analysis that feed directly into trade creation, Moxy streamlines your trading workflow while giving you control and visibility across the entire process, from asset allocation through settlement.


  • Trading
  • Portfolio management
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Compliance

Click here for more information, documentation and pre-recorded demo of Moxy.

Advent and Moxy are registered trademarks of Advent Software, Inc.


  • Support for advanced asset allocation methodologies and complex structures
  • Real-time dashboard views of trading data and cash positions
  • Comprehensive security coverage, including equities, fixed income, global and derivatives
  • Multi-currency trading and settlement
  • FIX connectivity with multiple custodians and trading venues, including major algorithmic trading partners and dark pools
  • Trading compliance functionality
  • Integration with Advent portfolio management platforms as well as third-party systems
  • Technology partner network to extend capabilities


  • Achieve greater accuracy, speed and efficiency
  • Create and manage complex asset allocation strategies
  • Streamline trading workflow and eliminate gaps between trade decision and execution
  • Avoid trade breaks with visibility all the way through settlement
  • Keep portfolios in line with stated objectives with drift analysis
  • Confidently manage escalating trading volumes, a growing range of instruments and multiple trading venues
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