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Tamale RMS datasheet
Tamale RMS
Tamale RMS
High performing investment managers know that quality research leads to wellinformed investment decisions and better returns for investors. Yet, many firms are encumbered by inefficiencies that hinder their ability to collect, share, access and prioritize the large volume of data they are inundated with. Tamale RMS® is the industry's first research management solution and provides the investment management industry with a comprehensive solution that brings automation and efficiency to the investment research process.
Streamline due diligence.
By aggregating manager research in a single location, Tamale RMS creates greater transparency and access to the information that drives decisions.
  • Automate document filing and free up time to focus on what matters.
  • Work more efficiently by automating tedious tasks such as processing email.
  • Enhance manager tracking.
  • Easily capture and track information on all of the managers in your universe.
  • Bring key information together for better, faster decisions.
  • Seamlessly integrate internal research and custodial data with risk and performance data.
  • Stay in synch and collaborate like never before.
  • Subscribe to notifications based upon any criteria—topic, watchlist, submitter, type of data.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Stay embedded in the workflow of your team from anywhere with native iPad and HTML5 apps.
  • Improve Investor confidence.
  • Clearly demonstrate to your investors, the depth and quality of your due diligence process.
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