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Fund Order Management and Distribution
Advent Software’s Tradex is ideal for organisations seeking a reliable, web-based platform for managing and distributing funds. With Tradex, unlimited types of funds and their associated orders can be made available to client advisors, branches, agents and the end clients. The order flow from initiation to operations staff and through to the funds’ administrators becomes highly automated—a process which otherwise is labour intensive and error prone. In addition to subscriptions and redemptions, Tradex elegantly handles fund switches, model orders, savings/pension plans, currency dealing, and fund and cash transfers. Tradex also manages fees and sales commissions.
  • Order Generation and Routing: Tradex can collect orders from client advisors as well as from the end clients themselves. Orders can be entered directly or imported from bespoke web pages. 
  • Approvals / Trade Compliance: Prior to orders being passed on for execution, an optional set of approvals can be put in place. This is to support regulatory requirements such as MIFID, or to avoid that risky or long-term funds are provided to risk-averse or elderly clients. 
  • Order Aggregation: All orders coming in from the various sources can be automatically aggregated to block orders per fund. The number of orders to be executed is therefore greatly reduced and significant time and effort is thereby saved by operations staff.
  • Currency Dealing: Clients can settle in their preferred currency and Tradex supports the required currency trading. 
  • Order Notifications: Tradex automatically generates order notifications to each fund provider (or their administrators), including the total amount (or shares) to be subscribed and redeemed in each fund for the current day.
  • Allocations & Settlements: Once the funds’ unit prices are available from the fund providers, Tradex will automatically calculate how many shares that have been subscribed or redeemed per client, or calculate amounts for trades in shares. Tradex supports different settlement lags, and can support automatic money transfers and uploads to custodians/depositories.
  • Order Pipeline: Keep track of steps to take and when to take them. Unique pipelines (or workflows) can be configured for different types of funds. 
  • Fees & Sales Commissions: Tradex lets you define fee schedules for the various funds and automates the calculation and tracking of sales commissions.
  • Client & Portfolio Data: With Tradex you can store and maintain a significant amount of contact and profile data about the clients and their portfolios. 

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